Salary Packaging a Used Vehicle ?

Salary Packaging a Used Vehicle ?
June 8, 2018 Jamie Moyle
Car Giant WA


Car Giant WA

When most people think of Salary Packaging a vehicle using a Novated Lease they immediately think it is only available on new cars.

This is because most of the Salary Packaging and Fleet companies push this line as they generally receive a significant sourcing fee from the new car dealers.
Sometimes though it is worth considering a high quality used car as it means that the original owner has taken that big depreciation hit. A used or near new vehicle has a lower cost price which means lower FBT and a greater tax saving benefit overall. Most financiers will allow you to lease a vehicle that can be up to 9 years old by the end of the lease which lets you to choose from a huge number of cars to fit into your budget.

Allcredit Novated Lease recognise that not everyone wants to lease a new car, so to ensure we have a balanced offering, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Car Giant WA, one of Western Australia’s largest used car groups to make it easy to compare the difference.

This arrangement gives you the ability to see what the cost will be to Salary Package by way of an Allcredit Novated Lease, any vehicle out of the many hundreds of cars they have in stock.
You can do this by simply going onto their web site selecting any vehicle from their massive stock holding and using the online calculator displayed on each vehicle to receive an approximate lease quote.

This lease quote will include all of the vehicles running costs such as fuel, service, insurance rego, tyres etc, and is based on the term of the lease you choose and annual kilometres that you provide. Additionally, it shows the fortnightly cost and annual benefit you will receive. It couldn’t be any easier and as Car Giant WA has a constant flow of new stock arriving at their locations every day it means you get to search for your next vehicle from the comfort of your own home.

So for assistance with a new or used vehicle Novated  Lease call us on 1300550112 to learn  how we can look after your requirements .

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