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One of the largest expenses people have these days is the purchase and ongoing running costs of their private use motor vehicle

The professional team at allcredit have worked tirelessly to offer our clients a simple novated leasing solution to minimise these costs whilst still allowing you enjoy the freedom to choose the car that best suits your lifestyle. Our unique product allows you to maximise the tax benefits and minimise your out of pocket expenses over the life of your vehicle.

  • Choose your own vehicle
  • Fleet purchase discounts available
  • Fleet discounts on servicing and maintenance
  • Simple Online account management
  • Minimise your tax
  • Maximise your savings

Your allcredit novated leasing consultant will help you to select the right vehicle, arrange a huge fleet discount on new vehicles, offer flexible lease terms and arrange the most competitive interest rates currently available for novated leasing in Australia. Couple all this with the convenience of our allcredit motorpass card and the absolute security of the allcredit fleet comprehensive insurance cover to protect you against unforeseen events and you have the best fully maintained novated lease product available in Australia today.

An allcredit novated lease provides a range of benefits for both the employee and the employer. Employee’s can save thousands of dollars in lifetime ownership and maintenance costs of the vehicle in addition to the tax benefits and huge savings available through the allcredit corporate vehicle purchasing program. Through an allcredit novated lease an employer is able to provide a significant financial benefit to their employees at no cost to themselves. An allcredit novated lease is a win win proposition.

With your allcredit novated lease we include not only the financed lease costs but also a budgeted amount for your fuel, servicing, tyres, registration, insurance and even car washes. By having an allcredit motorpass card you will never have to pay cash for any of your vehicles running costs again.

Your fully maintained allcredit novated lease will include

  • Your low vehicle lease repayments
  • Discounted servicing and maintenance
  • Fleet discounts on servicing and maintenance
  • Registration costs for the life of your lease
  • Allcredit fleet discounted comprehensive insurance
  • Your allcredit motorpass card
  • Your allcredit drivers wallet

Customer service comes first

The team at allcredit novated leasing will always ensure we treat each and every client as if they are our only client. We will guide you each step of the way to ensure you fully understand the process and will always be here for you to speak to during the period of your lease. Experience the allcredit novated leasing difference to truely understand why this is the way leasing should be.

Who we help

If your employer offers salary packaging then allcredit novated leasing will work with your nominated salary packaging company or your payroll department to ensure your novated lease is set up correctly first time every time. If your employer doesn’t offer you the ability to salary package your motor vehicle an allcredit novated leasing specialist is available to discuss the process with your employer and explain how easy it is to provide this exceptional employee benefit.

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