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An allcredit novated lease includes the following:

The Vehicle

The ATO allow you to do a Novated Lease on any vehicle that meets their definition of a motor vehicle, being: Cars, station wagons, panel vans, utility trucks or similar vehicles designed to carry a load of less than one tonne, and any other road vehicle designed to carry a load of less than one tonne or fewer than 9 passengers. A commercial vehicle or motor bike are not considered motor vehicles for the purpose of a Novated Lease. With your allcredit Novated Lease you can lease a new or used car or even your existing vehicle.

Fleet Discounts

When it comes to buying a new car, allcredit fleet leasing can do it all for you. No more haggling with the dealers, our buying power guarantee’s you excellent fleet discounts on all makes and models of new cars, and if you can do better we will simply buy the car from your dealer. We can even arrange to dispose of your existing vehicle or get you the best price as a trade in.

Lease Rates

Using our panel of financiers allcredit fleet leasing can access the best lease rates available in the market place. Our highly trained Leasing Consultants will make sure that you not only get the best price on your lease but use their extensive industry knowledge to guide you in the areas of most beneficial lease term and residual values.


When you take out you allcredit Novated Lease you will be provided an allcredit Motorpass card which is accepted at almost every fuel outlet in Australia. Fill your car, no more cash and enjoy the savings.

Vehicle Running Costs

Service, routine maintenance, brakes, repairs, tyres, annual registration and even car washes. All these items will be budgeted for and included in your allcredit Novated Lease payment.

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

Your allcredit Novated Lease will include our fully comprehensive vehicle insurance sourced from our panel of some of Australia’s best insurance companies. Protect yourself against accidents, damage and loss all while enjoying the savings your allcredit Novated Lease arrangement provides.

Peace Of Mind

Make sure you ask our Leasing Consultants about the low cost protection insurance options available with your allcredit Novated Lease.

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