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It has never been easier for employers to offer their valuable staff the ability to save thousands each year by providing a Novated Lease facility via payroll

On day one with an allcredit Fully Maintained Novated Lease, your payroll is provided with a schedule of deductions that cover the entire period of the lease, making it a set and forget process. This means that there is no additional administration required and no additional reporting.

With the ECM method now adopted by the majority of employers throughout Australia who offer Novated Leasing, there are no issues surrounding FBT collection and reporting.

As allcredit assumes the total responsibility for dealing with the employee for all items covered by the lease, this means that employers have no additional administrative burden and can further enhance their employer of choice credentials with no additional cost.

allcredit work with our employers to ensure staff education seminars are available and on-site marketing materials relevant to the employer are provided.

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