Managing the cost of your Novated Lease.

Managing the cost of your Novated Lease.
May 29, 2018 Jamie Moyle

Managing the cost of your Novated Lease.

As a valued Allcredit client we proactively manage your budgets on a regular basis.

As you will no doubt be aware the price of all fuel has been regularly increasing over the past 6 months and this obviously has an ability to see you exceeding the budget originally put in place and included in your lease.

There are certain strategies that you can implement to minimise the impact of these increases such as taking advantage of the lower cost fuel days when filling up, and making sure you top up on those days irrespective of how much fuel you require. Also, only use the manufacturers recommended fuel type and although we understand that Premium unleaded may be beneficial, Unleaded will suffice until prices drop back to an acceptable level.

Another item is annual vehicle Registration costs that have seen large increases which once again could impact in this area. If there is an upside, it is that when prices rise on these vehicle running costs, your vehicle being leased means your savings are improved, as all of these costs are tax and GST free.

An Allcredit team member will be in touch if we think your account needs to be altered to reflect these changes otherwise you can log into your account from the top of this web page and have a look at how your costs are tracking against you budgets.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time and we will be more than happy to assist where we can.

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