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A Novated Lease is a three-way agreement between an employer, employee and a financier whereby an employer leases a car on behalf of the employee.

Often referred to as a salary packaging or salary sacrifice arrangement, your employer will make payments on your behalf to cover all of the finance and running costs of your car from a combination of your pre and post-tax salary potentially providing you a considerable tax saving each year.

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Benefits of Leasing

There are a variety of benefits to be gained from a novated lease such as:

  1. As a large portion of the lease repayment is being deducted from your pre-tax salary it means that you pay less income tax. Use this amount as a saving or as an opportunity to buy a more expensive car.
  2. You have freedom of choice when it comes to choosing your vehicle type.
  3. Commercial vehicles are excluded from Novated Lease.
  4. When the novated lease expires, you have the choice in deciding whether to enter into a new lease or whether to take ownership of the car.
  5. There is no requirement to use the car for business purposes at all to qualify. In other words, you could buy a car for your spouse or a family member instead.
  6. You are not restricted on the amount of vehicles you can buy on a novated lease. Obviously this has to be agreed to by your employer and will be determined by your salary level.
  7. You don’t have to be a high income earner or drive lots of kilometers to benefit.

When you have decided on your car and your Novated Lease is ready, allcredit fleet leasing will send advice to your employer’s nominated Salary Packaging company or payroll department advising the amounts to be deducted from your pre and post-tax pay. These funds are sent to allcredit fleet leasing, allowing us to pay for the items included in your lease as they fall due.

Benefits of Leasing

You will be provided with an allcredit Motorpass card which you will use to pay for most of your car’s running and maintenance costs. Motorpass will bill allcredit fleet leasing and will be paid from funds held in your allcredit fleet leasing account.

In instances where you have paid for an item yourself, allcredit fleet leasing will reimburse you using the funds in your allcredit fleet leasing account.

If you drive a greater number of kilometers than expected allcredit fleet leasing will contact you to adjust your payment to reflect the greater cost but alternatively if you don’t spend all the funds in your allcredit fleet leasing account they will be returned to you at the end of the lease.

With an allcredit fleet leasing Novated Lease you can access your account online at any time to check your account balances and track where your funds are being used.

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Benefits of choosing allcredit for your loan or lease

Choose your own vehicle

The ATO allow you to do a Novated Lease on any vehicle that meets their definition of a motor vehicle, being: Cars, station wagons, panel vans, utility trucks

Fleet Discounts

No more haggling with the dealers, our buying power guarantee’s you excellent fleet discounts on all makes and models of new cars.

Lease Rates

Our Consultants will make sure that you not only get the best price on your lease but use their extensive industry knowledge to guide you.


When you take out you allcredit Novated Lease you will be provided an allcredit Motorpass card which is accepted at almost every fuel outlet in Australia.

Vehicle Running Costs

All car maintenance and service items will be budgeted for and included in your allcredit Novated Lease payment.

With your allcredit full maintained novated lease your payments include all of the above

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Get a Quick Quote now and find out how allcredit makes novated leasing a smarter option.


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