Five New Features To Make Family Cars Easier

Five New Features To Make Family Cars Easier
October 5, 2017 allcredit

Five New Features To Make Family Cars Easier

    When your fancy two-seater convertible suddenly needs to have room for a booster-seat (and then another, and another), driving can become a constant game of cat and mouse between the driver and the kids in the back, Thankfully, car manufacturers saw this becoming a serious hazard –not to mention a pain in the neck- and have developed some new additions to vehicles to make them more family-friendly. If I-Spy isn’t working the way it should, and you can hear hair-pulling, seat belts clicking undone, and ‘are-we-there-yet’s, look into some of these fantastic additions to your car to ensure everyone reaches their destination in one piece and well entertained.

    1. Whether it’s board games, a movie on a laptop, or just somewhere to unwrap that mid-drive snack, the Volkswagen Multivan has got what you need. With a handy fold-out table to keep everything safe in multiple storage areas, you can now create a table top in the car to keep those car chess pieces together, or to prop up a laptop.

    2. Recently we learnt about the ISOFIX system, although the anchor points have actually been included in Australian cars for a while now. Available in a range of brands, including the Audi Q7, Holden Commodore VFII, Citroen Grand C4 Picasso and Tesla Model S, this car seat system has ultimate safety and comfort in mind for your wiggly little ones to get cosy, and enjoy being driven around while being securely fastened to the seats.

    3. Time for your kids to move into a booster seat but tired of dragging it in and out the car over and over again? Volvo now offers integrated two-stage booster seats, whereby the seat base pops up and can be locked at two different heights. This feature is available across a range of models including the XC60 and XC90.

    4. If you’re loading the groceries in the car, or the luggage for a trip out of town, you no longer need a free hand with the Ford Kuga, Hyundai Tucson and Nissan X-Trail. The new hands-free tailgate means you don’t have to find upright resting places for your armloads of goods, or ferret around your bag for those keys while the food melts and wilts on the asphalt. Built in proximity sensors only need a wave you’re your hand, foot, or elbow, to open the boot easily.

    5. Depending on the child, deafening squeals or an eerie silence is enough to strike fear into your heart. If you catch wind of squabbling, or small hands going through mum’s bag, simply check your parental mirror for a quick stern look at the culprit. Sitting just above the rear vision mirror, you can angle it perfectly to confront any scenario, without turning around and causing a hazard for yourself and other motorists. Available in the Kia Carnival, Toyota Klugerand Citroen Grand C4 Picasso.

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