Philip Harvey

Phil has been involved with the Novated Lease industry since 1998 and as such he is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable people working within the motor vehicle Salary Packaging market today.

With extensive experience developing the Novated lease market for Fleet and major Salary Packaging companies alike, Phil has joined allcredit with a vision to offer a best of brand product at a far cheaper price than other providers in the industry.

More About Phil

To simplify and educate is the mantra Phil has instilled into allcredit staff with a view that we spend as much time as is necessary demystifying Novated Lease so that our clients are fully informed before entering into a lease arrangement.

Phil’s contacts, built up over the many years in the industry, mean that allcredit can offer the same benefits normally only offered by the bigger players. This means that allcredit clients can be comfortable in the knowledge that they are able to get the maximum tax savings, highest service levels and best product offering all whilst paying the lowest monthly amount and receiving the highest standard of customer service.

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